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Acoustic plates / treull akustiske løsninger
Оптовая цена
от 5 €/шт DAP
Nordeca, SIA, LV +1 объявление
Acoustic plates/treull akustiske løsninger GB388-25W, 25x600x600/1200/2400mm 1.5mm wool, white cement, chamfer 5/7/10mm, angle 45 degrees. 1.5mm...
В радиусе 200 км от Арендала
Цена по запросу
Никогосян В., ИП, AM, 196 км
Dried fruits from Armenia We present to your attention a wide range of organic NON GMO and ecologicaly clean dried fruits from Armenia,...
Трубогибы\Арматурогибы Stalex
131 $/шт DDP
Строительное оборудование, ООО, RU, 196 км
По всем вопросам пишите и звоните WhatsApp, Viber Official dealers of the plant, delivery to any city in Russia and the CIS countries There is an...
Wood wool cement board
5 €/м.кв. DAP
Nordeca, SIA, LV, 196 км +1 объявление
Wood wool cement board GB1(300kg/m³ density) Low density plate. Main application: – Heat insulation; – Sound insulation, soundproofing; – Thermal,...
CLT plate
10 €/м.кв. FCA
СТБ, ООО, RU, 196 км
Size 5050 * 2050, thickness 19mm or 27mm, different grades A, B, C, C +, D +, D. Shipment from the Russian Federation of the city of St....
Цена по запросу
TARA, SRL, IT, 196 км
We are the Polish company Tara, we offer silicon ingots and plates from Ukraine Silicon ingots   semiconductor grade silicon ingots with...
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